Drexel has numerous transportation options arounds its campus.

Personal Vehicles Edit

Students (including Freshman) are permitted to have cars on campus. In addition to the many parking spaces managed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority for which you must pay a parking fare, there are Drexel Parking Lots in which students can park their cars.

Students can obtain a parking space by entering the lottery system that the university uses to provide parking spaces. A space will cost between $310 and $321 a quarter.


The majority of students perfer to use the public transportation system. SEPTA or the Southeastern Pennslyvania Transportation Authoirty has two trolley stations on Drexel's campus on the corner of 33rd and Market St. In addition to that, there is an Market-Frankford Line Subway station on 34th and Market St. On 30th and Market St, there is also 30th Street Station which houses the Market-Frankford Line Subway, Regional Rail and Amtrak.

The Market-Frankford Line Subway runs from 69th St to the Frankford Transportation Center. The Regional Rail trains extend into south east Pennsylvania. Amtrak runs up and down the east coast as well as into the central states.

Other options Edit

All the residence halls and lecture halls have bicycle racks for students to store their bikes. This is a very popular option during spring, summer and fall quarter.

It takes between 15 to 20 minutes to walk into center city, the metropolitian area of Philadelphia, which is a popular option as well.