About the Honors College Edit

The Honors College at Drexel University was established in 1991, and twelve years after its inception was renamed the Pennoni Honors College in honor of C.R. "Chuck" Pennoni, a notable Drexel alumnus and trustee, and his wife, Annette.

The Honors College is a community of scholars at Drexel who have specific academic, social, and residential opportunities available throughout their undergraduate time.

Requirements for Acceptance Edit

As incoming freshmen, students are not automatically considered for the Honors College when they apply to Drexel. Acceptance into the Honors College is granted through a separate application process in which students take part after they are already admitted to the university.

Considerations for acceptance:

1. A one page application in which the student's high school GPA, SAT scores, class rank and the difficulty of high school curriculum taken are all evaluated. In addition, achievement in extracurricular activities is noted.

2. A one to two page personal statement with the topic chosen from three possible options.

Requirements to Maintain Membership Edit

Students in the Honors College must maintain a 3.2 GPA during their time at Drexel. In addition, they must complete 10 credits of Honors coursework; 7 of those credits must be during their first six terms and 3 credits may be completed any time after that.

Benefits Edit

There are several benefits of being a part of the Honors College. The first is the housing. Freshmen Honors students have the option of living in a specific residence hall along with other Honors students. For the 2006-07 school year, the Honors College residence hall is North Hall, a suite-style residence hall located on 33rd and Race Streets. Another advantage is that Honors students are eligible for priority registration, which means they can register for classes at an earlier date than other students. Honors students also have access to the Honors Lounge. The Honors Lounge is located on the 5th floor of MacAlister Hall and it contains computers and printers exclusively for use by Honors students. Students may print 75 pages a week from the Honors Lounge at no cost. In addition to these benefits, Honors students also can participate in many events and activities sponsored by the Honors College that are not open to other students.

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Stories Edit

I attended many fun events sponsored by the Honors College. My favorite was a play that I went to on the Avenue of the Arts at the Wilma Theater. It was called "Shakespeare in Hollywood." It was a modernized version of the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which is my favorite play by Shakespeare. The best part was that I got the tickets completely free thanks to the Honors College, and we had a really enjoyable night going out into the city to see a show.

--Anb35 14:54, 5 September 2006 (UTC)