Facts Edit

Drexel University founded in 1891 once consisted of just one central building, this building being the Main Building. When walking into the building one may be sidetracked by the beauty of the artwork and tile of the Great Court, however this building offers a lot for current students and faculty.

Currently, the Main Building, houses mostly administrative offices, such as the President's Office, Provost, Student Resource Center (SRC), Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Auditorium and the Comptroller. In addition, classrooms are found inside of the Main Building, Randell Hall and Curtis Hall, houses classrooms for all majors and minors.

One of the long last traditions at Drexel is to rub the toe of the Waterboy Statue for good luck on finals. If you notice that the big toe is shinier than the rest of him, that's because our students are taking advantage of the luck he has to offer.

Stories Edit

I remember one time talking on the phone with a friend because we were going to meet up to study for a test. Wondering where he was, I asked him which building he was coming from and his reply was simply "I don't know, the museum building!". It was then that I realized he was coming from an exam in the Main Building's Auditorium. Without really knowing the campus very much, I knew exactly where to meet him!


Located at the basement of the Main Building is Lounge 101. Not a lot of people know about it because it is kind of hidden to the public. I found out about it because I was a commuter, still am actually but there weren't a lot of places for us to hang out. The first week of school we tried the commuter lounge. That place was corny because people were always hogging the big screen TV and the free computers located down there were slow and outdated. Next we tried to hang out at the basement of the Newman Center. That place was a little creepy because no one was ever around. It got pretty boring after a while until finally we discovered Lounge 101. It isn't that great but with 2 pool tables, 2 Xbox's, 1 Gamecube, a ping pong table and plenty of seating, it is worth a mention.