The DAC consists of four floors. The top floor contains two full-sized basketball courts, with bleacher seating for approximately 1500 bodies. During our D1 basketball games, a large area of the bleachers is taken up by the "DAC - Pack." This student group consists of fans who specifically attend gamesto cheer on our athletes. The only thing required to join is school spirit!!!!

On the next floor down we have the varsity sports offices, as well as the varsity gym (which you only have access to if you play a varsity sport). The Athletic center is also located on this floor. It is a place where students can trade in their DragonCard as collateral for sports equipment (e.g. rackets, balls, belts, gloves).

The next floor down consists of the undergraduate gym. All Undergrad students have access to this gym during normal gym operating hours. The facilities include: Two weight rooms (one free-weight room and one machine room), a cardio room (ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills), The Media Center, The Intrumural Sports Offices, and two activity rooms (complete with jazzersize steps, jump-ropes, swedish balls, and yoga mats). The activity rooms can be used by the students for exercise purposes, but are also host to various organized activities including but not limited to: Butts and Guts, Conditioning, Turbo-Kick, and Kickboxing. All of these activities are free to participate in; only a few require you to buy your own equipment.

The bottom floor houses our full-size pool and diving pool. The pool has different hours than the DAC, and can be used only when there is a lifeguard on duty, and it is not otherwise being utilized by the swim-team.

Our website is DrexelDragons